Bug-Themed Armor and Articulated Wings: Buzz-Off Review

Hey there! In today’s article, “Bug-Themed Armor and Articulated Wings: Buzz-Off Review,” we’ll be taking a closer look at a video review by Pixel Dan. The review covers six new action figures from the Masters of the Universe (MOTU) series, namely Battle Armor He-Man, Jitsu, Stratos, Man-E-Faces, Faker, and Buzz-Off. Within the video, Pixel Dan explores the packaging, articulation, and unique details of each figure. He also shares timestamps for each section, and even promotes his book “The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”. So, if you’re a fan of MOTU and want to learn more about the latest additions to the Masterverse line, this review is definitely worth checking out!


Let’s start by talking about the packaging of these new Masters of the Universe (MOTU) action figures. The figures come in the standard window box packaging, which is familiar to fans of the master verse line. But what sets these packages apart is the incredible artwork on the spines and the back of the boxes. Mattel has really gone all in on the artwork for these figures, and it adds a whole new level of excitement to the packaging. The artwork showcases the characters in dynamic poses and captures the essence of the MOTU franchise.


Next, let’s talk about the articulation of these action figures. The new Eternia line is in the 7-inch scale, and the articulation is similar across the line. All of the figures have heads on ball joints, allowing for easy removal and swappable head options. The shoulders allow the arms to move outward, forward, and backward, with a swivel at the bicep. The elbows have double joints, allowing for a greater range of motion. The wrists have swivels and hinges, and the torsos are ball jointed, allowing for rotation. The thighs have ball socket-like hinge joints, and the knees have double joints. The ankles are articulated, allowing for forward and backward movement. Overall, the articulation on these figures is impressive and allows for a variety of dynamic poses.

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Individual Details

Now let’s dive into each of the individual figures in the new Eternia line.

Bug-Themed Armor and Articulated Wings: Buzz-Off Review

Battle Armor He-Man

First up is Battle Armor He-Man. This figure features an interchangeable chest plate, which is reminiscent of the classic flipping chest mechanic from the original toy. The armor piece attaches to the figure’s chest and can be swapped out to show different levels of battle damage. Additionally, Battle Armor He-Man comes with extra accessories such as a shoulder armor piece and a new belt. The figure’s head sculpt is unique, showcasing a more grizzled and battle-worn version of He-Man. Though the head sculpt may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it adds a new dimension to the character.


Next up is Jitsu. This figure has a new heroic storyline and comes with a removable mask and belt. Jitsu’s design stays true to the classic version of the character, with his signature golden hand and katana. The figure’s articulation allows for a wide range of dynamic poses, and the removable mask adds an extra layer of playability.


Moving on to Stratos. This figure features an oxygen mask, a new belt, and removable wings. Stratos is known for his ability to fly, and the figure captures that aspect of the character with the removable wings. The articulation on this figure is similar to the others in the line, allowing for poseability and display options.


Now let’s talk about Man-E-Faces. This figure has the unique ability to change his face, and the figure comes with interchangeable faces and a suitcase to store them. Man-E-Faces has always been a fan-favorite character, and this figure does justice to the original toy. The ability to switch between three different faces adds an element of fun and playability to the figure.

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Moving on to Faker. This figure features a new pink armor and interchangeable weapons. Faker is a character with a fascinating backstory, and this figure captures the essence of the evil He-Man clone. The interchangeable weapons and armor make this figure versatile and allow for customization.


Lastly, let’s talk about Buzz-Off. This figure has new bug-themed armor and articulated wings. Buzz-Off is a unique character in the MOTU universe, and this figure captures his insect-like characteristics perfectly. The figure’s articulation, including the articulated wings, allows for dynamic poses and brings the character to life.


In conclusion, the new Eternia line of MOTU action figures offers fresh and exciting updates to familiar characters. The packaging showcases stunning artwork, and the articulation on these figures allows for a variety of poses. Each figure has unique details that capture the essence of the character, from Battle Armor He-Man’s interchangeable chest plate to Buzz-Off’s bug-themed armor and articulated wings. Whether you’re a longtime fan of MOTU or new to the world of He-Man, these figures are sure to delight and inspire hours of imaginative play.

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