Micro Playsets: Trend Masters War Planets and Mighty Max Sets Catch the Author’s Interest

In the article “Micro Playsets: Trend Masters War Planets and Mighty Max Sets Catch the Author’s Interest,” Pixel Dan takes us on a toy-hunting adventure in Marietta, GA. He explores the store, which he has all to himself during an after-hours event, and discovers a treasure trove of nostalgic toys. From Kenner Megaforce vehicles to California Raisins figurines, Pixel Dan highlights the amazing finds and his personal connection to some of the toy lines. He mentions his excitement for the GI Joe-themed Street Fighter action figures and expresses interest in Micro Playsets, particularly the Trend Masters War Planets and Mighty Max sets. The article also showcases other toy lines, such as Toy Biz and Kenner superhero figures, and reflects on the author’s love for vintage Kenner Star Wars toys. Overall, it’s a delightful journey down memory lane filled with enthusiasm and appreciation for the world of toys.

Pixel Dan’s Visit to 2nd Chance Toys

Micro Playsets: Trend Masters War Planets and Mighty Max Sets Catch the Authors Interest

After-Hours Event for Toylanta

Greetings! In this article, we’ll be diving into Pixel Dan’s exciting visit to 2nd Chance Toys in Marietta, GA. This visit took place during an after-hours event held specifically for the weekend of Toylanta, giving Pixel Dan the rare opportunity to have the entire store to himself. So, let’s join Pixel Dan as he explores the store and discovers some hidden gems!

Exploring the Store

As Pixel Dan steps into 2nd Chance Toys, he can’t help but feel a rush of excitement. With the store being empty, except for a few fellow toy enthusiasts from the convention, he knows he’s in for a treat. He immediately makes his way to the Kenner Megaforce display, where he had previously spotted some interesting finds. Upon closer inspection, Pixel Dan realizes just how many incredible loose Megaforce vehicles are present in the display case. Memories of his childhood flood his mind as he reminisces about the fun he had with these toys.

Not too far from the Megaforce display, Pixel Dan comes across a Globe Army Gear toy that catches his attention. It’s a carded toy that opens up into a micro-vehicle, fitting perfectly with the micro playsets the store carries. Pixel Dan is thrilled by this unique find, especially since he had recently acquired an Army Gear grenade micro playset during one of his hunts.

Continuing his exploration, Pixel Dan stumbles upon a display of Battle Beasts, expertly showcased in an old jewelry-like spinner display. He also notices various micro mini-figures and weirdos that pique his interest. The attention to detail in the store’s displays impresses him, making each item look even more appealing.

Nostalgic Finds

There’s no denying the power of nostalgia, and Pixel Dan experiences it firsthand as he gazes at the multitude of California Raisins figurines. The iconic characters take him back to a time when these figures were all the rage. But what surprises him the most is the discovery of a California Raisins promotional piece that looks like an ice scraper for car windshields. The strange yet fascinating nature of this find leaves Pixel Dan pondering the intricacies of toy merchandising.

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As Pixel Dan peruses the store, his eyes fall upon the Remco Aawf action figures. These pro wrestling figurines, reminiscent of G.I. Joe with their o-ring bodies, instantly grab his attention. Although these figures are made-up characters, Pixel Dan appreciates the attention to detail and the blend of two of his favorite childhood hobbies – pro wrestling and action figures.

Excitement for Street Fighter GI Joe Toys

But the highlight of Pixel Dan’s visit occurs when he uncovers Street Fighter GI Joe toys hidden in the back of the store. The combination of two beloved franchises from his childhood sends waves of excitement coursing through him. Pixel Dan fondly remembers the epic era of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat duels, when video games reigned supreme in his mind. Although the idea of Street Fighter action figures being GI Joe-themed was a bit peculiar, he didn’t care. The nostalgia was too strong, and he couldn’t help but feel a surge of happiness at the sight of these figures.

The store also showcases Mortal Kombat figures alongside the Street Fighter collection, further fueling Pixel Dan’s nostalgic trip down memory lane. Despite already owning a substantial number of these figures, he can’t resist the urge to relive those incredible moments from his childhood.

Video Game-Themed Merchandise and Toys

Amidst his exploration, Pixel Dan comes across a section dedicated to video game-themed merchandise and toys. As a passionate collector, he is drawn to anything related to retro and modern video games. The store’s collection impresses him, with a wide variety of items ranging from vintage Pac-Man toys to Super Mario Bros. 3 Happy Meal toys. The vintage video game merchandise resonates deeply with Pixel Dan, reminding him of his early days as a collector.

One particular set of items that catches Pixel Dan’s eye are the Mega Man figures. While he doesn’t need to add any more to his collection, he still appreciates the design and craftsmanship of these figures. It’s a testament to his love for the franchise and the impact it had on his life.

Interest in Micro Playsets

Having developed an interest in micro playsets, Pixel Dan is intrigued by the display of Trend Masters War Planets. He’s seen these figures and sets sporadically during his hunts and wants to explore this line further. Considering adding a planet or two to his collection, Pixel Dan is fascinated by the unique concept and intricacy of these micro playsets.

Another micro playset that catches Pixel Dan’s attention is the Mighty Max Skull Mountain. This playset represents a pinnacle of the micro playset genre and Pixel Dan can’t help but admire its design. As he contemplates adding it to his collection, he reflects on his recent dive into Mighty Max sets and the joy it has brought him.

Toy Biz and Kenner Superhero Figures

No visit to a toy store is complete for Pixel Dan without exploring the Toy Biz and Kenner superhero figures. These figures hold a special place in his heart and bring back countless memories. Although he already has an extensive collection, Pixel Dan can’t resist taking a peek at the assortment of figures in this section. He hopes to find a figure he doesn’t yet own, one that stands out or resonates with him.

Among the figures on display, a particular Batman figure catches Pixel Dan’s eye. It’s the Deluxe Flight Pack Batman from the Legends of Batman toy line. While the style of this line may not evoke as much nostalgia as the earlier Kenner Batman figures, something about this figure captivates Pixel Dan. The blue vac-metal armor speaks to him, reminding him of the endless adventures he went on as a child with his Batman figures.

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Vintage Kenner Star Wars Toys

Pixel Dan’s love for vintage Kenner Star Wars toys knows no bounds, and he can’t resist perusing through the 90s selection. Among the intriguing finds, one item stands out in particular – the Millennium Falcon CD-ROM playset. This oddball Power of the Force 2 item surprises Pixel Dan, as he had completely forgotten about its existence. As he examines the box, memories of the Star Wars trilogy and the anticipation of controlling the action on his PC flood his mind.

Praise for Second Chance Toys

Pixel Dan’s visit to 2nd Chance Toys leaves him thoroughly impressed not only with the wide range of nostalgic finds but also with the incredibly positive experience he had with the staff. The helpful and accommodating nature of the staff members made his visit all the more enjoyable. Pixel Dan expresses his gratitude and satisfaction with the exceptional service he received.

Before leaving the store, Pixel Dan couldn’t resist making a few purchases of his own. Among them were a Globe Army Gear Battle Bar and a loose Ram Fist vehicle from Kenner’s Megaforce figures. These additions to his collection were the cherry on top of an already fantastic visit.

In conclusion, Pixel Dan’s visit to 2nd Chance Toys was filled with excitement, nostalgia, and high-quality finds. The after-hours event during Toylanta provided him with a unique opportunity to explore the store to his heart’s content. From nostalgic finds like Kenner Megaforce vehicles and Remco Aawf action figures to video game-themed merchandise and toys, Pixel Dan’s trip down memory lane was a whirlwind of pure joy. The Street Fighter GI Joe toys stole the show, reminding him of the epic era of video game duels. Additionally, his interest in micro playsets, superhero figures, and vintage Kenner Star Wars toys was reinvigorated during this unforgettable visit. Overall, Pixel Dan had nothing but praise for Second Chance Toys and the staff who made his visit a memorable one.

And so, we bid farewell to Pixel Dan’s toy hunting journey at 2nd Chance Toys, filled with anticipation for his future adventures and hunts.

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In Marietta, GA, you’ll find Pixel Dan exploring the awesome world of 2nd Chance Toys at the after hours event held by the store during the Toylanta weekend. It’s late at night, so Dan basically has the entire store to himself. Exciting, right?

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